MaSA Graduation BBQ 2015

On 16 May 2015, MaSA had its end-of-year barbeque event to celebrate the end of yet another academic year. Just like we have kick-off meeting to start off the semester with a good beginning, we end the year with an ending worth coming together by grilling chicken and many other delicious food prepared by our very own Malaysians.

Besides closing the academic year with a happy ending, the event also served as a celebration to commemorate the graduation of fellow Malaysians. Family members of graduating Malaysians were cordially invited to the event and got to know more Malaysians on campus. Weather was perfect for an outdoor event and apart from eating, some played football and basketball in the nearby compounds. We managed to clean up and leave just in time for rain to cool us down after grilling and all the outdoor activities we did.
In short, it was a day well-spent with the accompaniment of the delicious grilled chicken specially prepared by our pitmaster of the day Wen Li and assisted by Chee Hoe. Everyone went back before it rained and the event essentially wrapped up the academic year 2014.

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Its a great feeling when one graduates , like you are on the moon and maybe that you some how feel immortal in a sence. anyway its always a haappy ending when one graduates ,so congratulation .