MaSA Graduation Night

It’s been 4-years of college for the seniors. 4-years of joy, sadness, friendship, and incalculable experience. For most of them, the 4 years flew by fast like a squirrel snatching your chips. What better way to celebrate the ending of school than being with friends and commemorating all those years of wonderful memories. This year’s MaSA graduation night  theme - Rasa Sayang - gives a warm ambience to the night.


Guests arrived in the best fashion that they could muster - guys in their suit and tie and girls in their dresses and heels. Dinner was served promptly after Magrib prayer. The night’s emcees were our favourite: Aina and Ayie, who appeared in matching, love-themed red and black outfits. After dinner was finished, the night’s guests were entertained with performances by Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors alike.

After that was the prize-giving ceremony to the seniors to show appreciation to what they have been through and for their contribution to MaSA as a whole. Right before the night ended, there was a surprise video from Ammar, a super senior who was super close with the current seniors. The video featured the journey of the current seniors, from way back when they were freshmen. Good times.

Before everyone left, we took a group photo - a tradition of any big event. We then proceeded outside the ballroom where we mingled and tried to catch up to everyone. It was a great night.  

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