MidWest Games 2015

Summer was finally here and the annual MidWest Games is here again. This year, the festival was held in University of Michigan, Ann Arbor from 22 till 24th May 2015. This time, there were 29 MaSA members who participated in this regional event. MaSA members departed from Champaign on the 21st May and reached during night on the same day. On the next day, the MidWest Games had its opening by having all participating universities to deliver their respective march past and that also included UIUC. 

After that, MaSA members proceeded to their respective locations in University of Michigan for their registered competitions and games. A handful of our members were in AMAIZEing Race, Frisbee, DOTA competition and even Bowling. During the second night of the event, all guest were served with the ever authentic Roti Canai and homemade fragrant Teh Tarik. Basically, everyone had plenty of fun eating and catching up with friends from other universities. Some of our members made MaSA proud by winning in some categories. Kudos to Kamal, Kak Sya and Zaza for being one of the runner ups for the group category and Kak Sya for being the best player in the individual category of bowling competition.

On the last day of the Mid-West Games, respective members headed back to Champaign early in the morning and managed to grab some burgers before heading out from Ann Arbor. Overall, it was a fun and memorable event for everyone before summer break begun!

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