Malaysian Night 2015 - Bawang

Lights! Camera! Bawang! It’s the highlight of the year for Malaysian students in UIUC. Now, it was obvious what happened on stage. Students came, we performed, and everyone loved it. I’ll let you watch the video on YouTube if you need a recap of the night. Let me instead bring your memories back to the time when we had to drag our early-morning, weekend faces to rehearsal. Then spent the day practicing our dance moves till it became second nature, and wondering when lunch time will come. We would force a smile, even though for some of us the forced smile backfired into a what seemed like suppressed sadness (for having to miss Netflix). We would run to the changing room for a costume change, in hopes we could make it in time for our next act. And on top of it all

On the day of the event, it was all or nothing. Boy did we pull off a great act! I think I saw someone in the crowd trying to wipe their tear out! No I’m just kidding. And I don’t know about you guys, but I think that compared to all the time that we spent beforehand, the performance was pretty brief. I’m saying this because to me, what I had truly enjoyed from this experience was teaming up with my fellow Malaysians and struggling forward with the same goal in mind: to give our best during Malaysian Night. While everyone was trying to keep up with their busy schedule, I was glad that we made time for such a bonding experience!

p/s: More pictures can be found in our Flickr account

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