Mid Autumn Festival


 Being away from home is not easy but with the company of friends, everything seems much easier. On September 27th, MaSA organized the annual Mid-Autumn Festival or commonly known as the Mooncake Festival among Malaysians. The main reason behind this celebration was to embrace the beauty of the supposingly full moon on that day itself and also, to celebrate reunion among family members. To many people, MaSA is like a big family in UIUC. In common practices, mooncakes are to be eaten while enjoying the view of the full moon and lanterns will be lit to provide a better ambience. MaSA also bought different pieces of mooncakes and made hot tea to be shared among our members. We also had Tat Shing, a new sophomore to explain on the history of the Mooncake Festival to provide a better understanding to our members who were not familiar with the festival. Fortunately, we also had a few friends from our neighbour country, Singapore and also 2 alumni, Mr Tan Aik Jun (PhD candidate in MIT) and Professor Leong Hon Wai (A visiting professor in the Computer Science department) to join us on this wonderful night. Overall, everyone had great time catching up with each other under the shadow of the blissful moonlight.

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Strange Party said...

Went here for a great all-you-can-eat buffet and they held nothing back. The food, service and mostly the staff from Los Angeles venues were truly amazing. I was starving and am one of those voracious "sampling" type eaters who has to try everything in a buffet, and I couldn't make it!