Potluck Homecoming Tailgate

It’s football season and it is tradition for MASA to organize a potluck tailgate near the stadium. It’s common for Americans to get together and spend some time with each other to support their local American Football team. In this case, THE FIGHTING ILLINI! Hence, MASA and its members got together in the Illini Grove to show our support to the universities football team.
We had a BBQ session on the field and boy, the field immensely crowded with people. Regardless, almost all MASA members managed to attend. Some brought really good food and some brought huge appetites. But, I must give credit to the chef who managed to cook up delicious set of burgers and chicken. The marinade on the chicken was perfect. And who is this chef, you say? Well, it’s none other than Ooi Wen Li. *applause* Good job, buddy.
All in all, it was fun spending time with everyone. It was a chance for Malaysians to bond with each other. It truly felt like home away from home.

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Must be a good day to spend out and discuss some good things apart form studies and what more excites the day is talking and watching football on the day.