2016 Kickoff Meeting & Merdeka Celebration

Welcome back everyone and welcome to UIUC for the new students! To commemorate the start of a new and exciting semester as well as to celebrate our annual Independence Day, MaSA organized a Kickoff Meeting on the 26th of August. Pizza and soda was served and the board members took turns to introduce themselves as well as to speak about future plans and events of the organization. After a brief run through from the committee, the focus shifted to getting to know the new members where all members had to introduced themselves and creatively described their hometown.

In conjunction to Malaysia’s Independence Day, the patriotic song “Tanggal 31” was sung after having a group photo in order to raise our patriotic spirits. The meeting adjourned with a mini treasure hunt race where members had to pass through checkpoints around the quad before arriving at the final stop which is by the Alma Mater. At the Alma Mater, each group took a photo in front of our U of I icon with the Malaysian Flag and the race officially ended at 11pm. We hope that all members had fun throughout the meeting and managed to catch up with each other!

Written by
Jing Kai

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